Permanent Human Settlement of the Earth, Space and Ocean Frontiers

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Dad Disagrees - Why we WILL Go To Mars

Mom was right. There is a whole lot of talk in the world and no action to back it up. But mom assumed a few things dad disagrees with. Here is his take on the whole Mars venture:

1. Much of mankind IS lazy and full of idle talk. But all exploration has always taken place because of the genius of individuals who have the God-given gift of being able to match up their mouth and their blogs with action. We will go to Mars on the backs of one or two individuals with genius. If we waited around for the masses to energize, then we will be sitting here complaining five hundred years from now.

2. The purpose of government is and has always been starting the big engines. Humanity has always then taken the ball and run with it after governments get it started. We don’t have to wait on the government because that’s never been the job of government – exploration will always be the exclusive domain of individuals, enterprise and single genius. If we leave it to government – it will always be too expensive and too overloaded with useless politically inspired bureaucracy.

3. We will go to Mars not because a lot of people want to go but because one day one man or woman will wake up who will want to go and will have the talents to make it happen. When they do, you can be sure that the same masses who have sit around on their butts whining will criticize the effort.

4. We will go to Mars because he or she will lead us there. Is he or she alive today? Almost certainly – and is a reader, no doubt, of!