Permanent Human Settlement of the Earth, Space and Ocean Frontiers

Saturday, January 21, 2006


An astronaut is legally defined as anyone who ascends to an altitude greater than 50 nautical miles for a period greater than one second. The first astronaut was Yuri Gargin in April, 1961.
An aquanaut is defined as anyone who remains submerged in a fixed habitat in the ocean for a period not less than 24 hours. The first human aquanaut was Robert Stenuit who lived onboard a tiny one man cylinder at 200 feet for 24 hours in September 1962 off Villefranche on the French Riviera.
Claudia and I were certified as an aquanauts together on October 13,1993. Eventually, we would spend more than 30 days living and working underwater in three underwater habitats, one of which I designed and built (with the able assistance of LNW Chief Engineer - the incredibly talented Joseph Bishop), the Scott Carpenter Space Analog Station. (This site is still being filled in.)
Living and working in an underwater habitat is a remarkable experience. To sit and stare out the windows of a submerged human dwelling is an amazing and soothing experience. To sleep in a dwelling whose life support system sounds lull one to sleep each night is an experience that I not only will never forget but one that I will always desire!
To read about this in depth, tomorrow on I will be posting an in-depth article about what it is like to live the life of an aquanaut under the sea.
On behalf of Claudia, myself and the League of the New Worlds, together we would like to take this opportunity to make the first of several key announcements that will be upcoming in the next week or so.
The first is that the League is designing a new habitat called the Leviathan. This habitat is designed to travel easily on a standard boat trailer and launch from just about any boat ramp. The Leviathan is designed to house two aquanauts for a weekend outing at the undersea or underwater-anywhere location of the operator’s choice. Inside, the habitat is designed for luxury, adventure and fun. It is the nearest thing to owning one's own space colony that I know of on earth.
The picture shown above is from the TEKTITE Underwater Mission in the late 1960's. One of the NASA managers for the TEKTITE project is Dr. Jim Miller - a long time League advisor and one whose profile we hope to feature here soon. The program was conducted off the U.S Virgin Islands.
More about aquanauts, the League, its current activities and much more on the Leviathan will follow in later web logs.