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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Now A Part of Forbes Book Club

My books are now carried by all the major online book outlets and are available from their retail stores: Amazon, Books a Million, Barnes and Noble, Borders etc. But the books have also recently been picked up by Forbes Book Club! It is the first “book club” arrangement – so we’ll see what happens.

All the books are also available on many Internet eBook outlets: Fictionwise, eBook Ad, Diesel, Know Better, Elibron and Powell, for example. And, OBTW, if you haven’t had the eBook experience, allow me to highly recommend it. Grab a good eBook reader and download your books for not only a very enjoyable reading experience but also at a much lower cost! And – the books can normally be downloaded in far less time than it takes to wait on it in the mail. Just remember the timeless quote from Dr. Egon Spengler, to wit, "Print is Dead". Now - can anyone remember just who Dr. Egon Spengler was and where he mouthed this now infamous phrase?

But, far better than picking my books up from any of these locations is by being a member of my reader’s mailing list. Every reader on my mailing list receives a discount far and away greater than any of these outlets.

Unfortunately, I haven’t yet decided on a name for that “book club”. Perhaps we should start a contest to see what we should name it. Any suggestions, readers?