Permanent Human Settlement of the Earth, Space and Ocean Frontiers

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Who Said Outposts Have to Be Rugged?

According to the most recent posts on the Poseidon Underwater Resort Website, construction is about to begin on an “underwater resort” off the Bahamas. The multi-billion dollar enterprise is going to construct a hotel on the seafloor at 60 feet in depth and is scheduled to open in December of 2006. The 22 room hotel will be connected to the surface via a tunnel, which begs the question as to whether it even qualifies as an independent “habitat” or not. The entire facility will be pressurized at one atmosphere because of the open tunnel to the surface.

But, the really interesting thing about this resort is its luxury. Each room will rent for $1500 per night. Check out their website and look at the spectacular views!

As a true ocean colony activist , I am somewhat disappointed that it was not totally isolated and accessible by submarine. Now that would have made it truly qualified as a seafloor resort instead of an underwater tank (as luxurious as it is) connected to the shore by a BORING (yawn) tunnel.

But before I am too critical, they are also installing what they call “Poseidon’s Lair” located at an astonishing 1000 feet in depth and accessible only by submarine. And YOU can have this little deep water excursion for only $20,000 per night complete with submarine captain and butler. (Let’s hope these guys disappear somewhere around bedtime.)

OBTW – QuantumLimit readers can definitely look forward to a review of the place by this humble author in ’07. Tunnel? What tunnel? I’m goin’ down anyway!

PS. If readers wish a review of Poseidon’s Lair, well, you guys are going to have to buy more books…

And, speaking of books… I am in the early stages of writing a book titled: UNDERSEA COLONIES that deals with this very issue of man’s permanent expansion into the oceans. It has a tentative street date of 2007.


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