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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Zeta Welcomes in 2006

Here it is January first 2006 (OBTW - Happy New Year) and we all wake up and witness Tropical Storm Zeta churning its way across the North Atlantic. After a record setting year of hurricanes in nearly every category, the average person will, of course, want to ask: “What’s up?” Every bony finger ends up pointing to everyone’s favorite kicking boy, ‘Global Warming’. And it just seems like the guilty looking global warming suspect does, after all, really have pie all over his face. It just sounds so reasonable to assume that if the planet’s surface is warming from greenhouse gasses or a plethora of Humvees, burning down the rainforests or exhaust from Barbara Streisand’s fleet of luxury jets, that all that energy has to go somewhere, sometime. However, many scientists are responding with a “Not so fast.” Politicizing meteorology has gone too far, they say. For example, after an exhaustive study of the peer reviewed scientific literature, here is a statement from Colorado State University: “The state of the peer-reviewed knowledge today is such that there are good reasons to expect that any conclusive connection between global warming and hurricanes or their impacts will not be made in the near term.” Oh well, another beautiful theory slain by the ugly facts.


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