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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Antigravity Part I

I’m endlessly fascinated by the response of mature scientists to the whole concept of a “Gravitational Drive” or “Antigravity Machine”. Whether it is possible or not is no longer the issue – it has been declared impossible and therefore it is never up for discussion. Mainstream science has labeled the Gravitational Drive alongside flying saucers, UFO’s Bigfoot and Peter Pan. And, further, they don’t want to hear about it anymore.

Well – so much for a free and open debate. “They” already decided. “They” have already made up their collective minds.

Not so fast, amigo. In my Peter Pan fantasy world, science was supposed to hang out the “open for business” sign 24/7 and no discussion was closed. That’s what distinguishes science from religion – free and open discussion of anything without predisposed prejudices and end of the road limitations or ‘already made up my mind’ attitudes. But that fantasy world does not apply to science’s favorite whipping boy called the “Gravitational Drive”.

If you don’t believe me, ask poor Boris Volfson of Huntington, Indiana, who received U.S. Patent 6,960,975 for his design of an antigravity space vehicle last November. When the “scientific community” found out what Boris had slipped by the US Patent office, they were torqued, to say the least. There were recriminations and blame laid all artound on that one. The mainstream-mainstream premire publication Nature even joined in the fray. But not one of them asked Boris to at least hold a press conference and demonstrate his spaceship. Not fair. Give him a chance, for heaven’s sake.

Fortunately, the Internet has declared everything a free and open discussion, 24/7, and it doesn’t matter what the subject, including the much maligned Antigravity machine.

I realize that I risk losing my own percieved objectivty here, but this account has been around as long as the Internet has been, and it is a must-see on the issue. If you haven’t reviewed this essay, you haven’t been to Anti-Grav 101.

And then there is the “Antigravity Underground”. But if you are really interested, grab yourself come coffee and lunch, this site has it all.

But wait, there’s always the American Antigravity Society to check out. But bring your credit card if you want to buy a working model for yourself.

Then there are dozens of antigravity links found here to save yourself a long Google search.

So what is the real story about Antigravity – The Gravitational Drive? Well, here it is in a nutshell. There are a whole lot of poorly educated people out there believing a whole lot of nonsense told to them by clever and articulate people who also do not have a firm grounding in science. This virtual army of misinformants and their believers has made a serious discussion on this field nearly impossible. Why? No credentialed person wants to be associated with them – and I can’t personally say that I blame them.

However, that also leaves the credentialed scientists at fault as well. Why? Because science has made its mind up before all the data is in – and that’s the worst of all possible places for science to wind up. Science is the grand defender of all truth – no matter how mangled the data has been made by the general public. In fact, the more mangled the truth, the greater the opportunity of science to fix it. But - the real question is - can they actually do that service without exposing their own arrogant pomposity? Apparently not... Harumph, harumph.

Now – tomorrow – right here, I will discuss the real Antigravity – Gravitational Drive and I will prove that we already have it and are using it. Bring your calculator. And be on time, for heaven's sake. "When I close the classroom door - no one else will be admitted," I said, looking sternly over my gold wire-rimmed spectacles...