Permanent Human Settlement of the Earth, Space and Ocean Frontiers

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Down Under - Down Under

Last night I drove to Orlando for a meeting with a very interesting individual – Australian marine scientist and diver Lloyd Godson of New South Wales, Australia to talk about his rather interesting adventure called the BioSub Project.

Godson recently won the Australian Geographic contest they call “Live Your Dream” and wrote him a check for $50,000 to make his dream happen. Well – it just so happens that Lloyd’s dream is to live underwater in a habitat of his own design.

But it’s no simple habitat, it seems. Godson’s underwater home will use bioregenrative technologies right off NASA’ shelves and while beneath a Australian lake this August, he will be breathing oxygen partially produced by plants he is growing there in his habitat.

That’s no simple feat and it will earn Godson a first – it will be the first underwater habitat ever built to integrate advanced bioregenerative life support into its design. But according to Godson, the will be down under-down under in the middle of Australia’s winter this August and the water will be cold – in the 50’s. He said he didn’t plan to venture outside much – can’t say that I blame him!

Stay tuned to and we will continue to bring you Lloyd’s wet adventures down under-down under.

His website is found by clicking here.

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