Permanent Human Settlement of the Earth, Space and Ocean Frontiers

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Future Undersea City

In my book, QUANTUM STORMS, a part of the story explores the adventures of a huge undersea city called PACIFICA. It is moored to the top of one of the world’s most prolific undersea food sources, the extinct volcano called Hancock Sea Mount. The top of the sea mount lies some 700 feet beneath the ocean surface – a submerged mountain. But the bottom of that submerged mountain touches the abyssal ocean floor, more than 18,000 feet lower.

I staged the city of PACIFICA there for several reasons. One – it could be suspended at a “workable” depth for human activity at 200 feet below the surface – out of range, for the most part, of serious storm action (and in the story – out of range of deadly solar radiation storms). Two - it was also positioned there so that they could enjoy reasonable access to the surface when they wanted and could enjoy some level of daylight sunshine. Three - I also positioned it there so that they could be tethered to the seamount below and held in place by cables, suspended within the ocean void.

PACIFICA represents an exceptionally exciting idea in the near future of human civilization – suspended cities in the ocean void. Like a space station, such suspended cities allows human kind to settle more than 3/4ths of the world now totally uninhabited. Further, suspended cities allows the human masters of the undersea world to select their depths and pick their locations anywhere on the planet. No longer are we to be locked out by unattainable depths or held permanently away from sunlight by the deep.

In QUANTUM STORMS, the book explores the exciting near term reality of such engineering marvels. While QUANTUM STORMS is a fictional novel, there is in reality NO reason at all why such cities could not be built today,. There is not a single engineering hurdle that would prevent humanity from engaging in such a project right now!

In an upcoming book, UNDERSEA COLONIES, I will explore these ideas in detail. The book will cover not only the future of suspended colonies like PACIFICA, but will also cover all aspects of undersea living including suspended and permanent seafloor colonies.