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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A French Connection

As a writer, I am also a connoisseur of a good story. In fact, even though I am a space scientist and an engineer by profession and education, the setting or the theme of a good story is never the point. A good tale has always been the point, regardless of its setting or circumstances which only serves to color and flavor the story itself. A good story has changed people and has redirected history. A good story is extraordinarily powerful. No one loves science and action-adventure like I do – no one... but...
But I also fall in love easily. And such is the case when I read a good tale told by creative and passionate writers. The setting adds the flavor only. But the meat is always in the quality of the tale. In fact, if you haven’t read or seen the latest movie version of Pride and Prejudice, set at some point during the Napoleonic Wars (1797-1815), then I highly recommend it. It is a timeless, beautiful, powerful tale. It is the perfect image of a good story.

Claudia and I leave in a few hours on a nine day adventure on the quest for that really, really good story. Its title is Alyete – Dogs of Eros Damned. It is set in 17th century France. It is a really, really good story.

I say that as almost a defense. As a writer of primarily science-action-adventure, I feel my readers need the benefit a good introduction when the writer radically shifts gears once and awhile. If you’d like to review ALYETE, click here or here. We’ll be gone for nine days, but when we return, we will finish the book and hopefully have it out by late April or early May.

Meanwhile, here at Quantum Limit, I’m turning the web log over to the able and creative hands of my good friend Ralph Buttigieg who will be publishing the blog out of Australia for the next week or so. I can’t wait to see what he has to say when I get back.

Au revoir.