Permanent Human Settlement of the Earth, Space and Ocean Frontiers

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Witnessing Creation

If you lined every human in the world up in a long line and then asked everyone who has witnessed the birth of a new ocean to raise their right hand, there would be about 50 souls lift their palms high. Of that 50, about half would probably be drunk or substance abusers, five of them will tell you they were with Elvis when they saw it, ten of them would be politicians and/or liars, five would tell you they were in command of or abducted by the UFO that made it happen - and five would be telling the truth.

Their story was published in the German online magazine, Spiegel, and it can be found by clicking here. It comes complete with a series of pictures for your review – don’t miss the slide show.

The event is taking place in Ethiopia and the creative act is going to break the horn of Africa off the continent and divide the land with a yet-unnamed new ocean, filled up by waters from the Red Sea. But before you go out and invest in potential beach front property in the Ethiopian desert, it is a useful investment fact to know that this process will take about another ten million years - give or take.

(Shown above is the Horn of Africa from orbit that is planning its break-away. From what I've seen in the headlines about the dark continent, I can't say that I blame it.)