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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Robot Sex

Anyone who has ever seen the movie AI should not be surprised at this “latest announcement” from MSNBC that people are thinking about the next great leap for all mankind – having sex with robotkind. In fact, they paid a lot of Ph.D's to sit around at a national conference and seriously discuss this. (In San Francisco - where else?) Meanwhile, many in the population are already having multiphasic fits that the Internet is catering to unbelievable amounts of (mostly) private cyber sex already – and that’s just on a cold, flat screen. Why are they all doing this?
Well – mostly because they can.

But in this new report, Spielberg gets ripped off again when the scientists imagine all kinds of ways to interface the cold hearted silicone beast with cold hearted robotkind.

And who says it has to be cold? Nobody. And it doesn’t have to be hard – it can be as soft as you please. And it can be remotely operated, they say… Why is that? I’m relatively certain Jude Law wasn’t operated remotely. I could go on, but here imagination is the limit. And if the cold flat screen can net hundreds of billions – imagine what a walking, talking naked robot could do.

But there is, of course, the mandatory warning: “Some researchers warn that too much fantasy could prove adverse to everyday human interaction.” Sigh… always the reproving anti-visionary around to spoil all the giant leaps. Check it out for yourself – trust me - its’ rated PG-13.