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Sunday, April 23, 2006

A Seasoned and Practiced Failure

You gotta love our paid politicians. They all drive up to their offices in DC and send out their daily pronouncements which essentially all say: “Don’t worry, be happy, we’re in control.” Then invariably the crisis de jour shows up and we find them asleep at the helm of the great ship of state. When the something-whatever-it-is finally goes wrong, we see just how unprepared they really are.

Take last year’s flu season as an example. These geniuses paid a foreign manufacturer to make our flu vaccine. Why would they ever do that? Because they can’t say no to lobby money and pass meaningful tort legislation to keep American’s from suing the socks off vaccine manufacturers. So when the dangerous flu finally showed up, the foreign manufacturers diverted some of our supply to their people which left us short. Then they made up a bunch of rules on how it would be distributed which no one actually paid any attention to. As far as distribution was concerned, there was wholesale cheating and lying and diversion run amok. And, of course, who is to forget – congress and their families all got theirs first! After all, they reasoned, who was going to run the country if things got really bad? Well I have a suggestion. How about a classroom of fifth graders? At least inexperience is far better than seasoned and practiced failure of ethics and competence.

Meanwhile, after all that, we all await the arrival of the next pandemic while our politicians have, once again, assured us that they have everything in control.

I feel better already.