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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A Time Machine - The Real Deal

So what if I put a rabbit or Alice in a time machine and pushed the button and sent them into the future? That would be a big deal. But what if put a subatomic particle in a machine and whisked it into the future through some hole or tunnel in the fabric of time and space while I was watching? Ho hum. Not much interest – and certianly no money. That is exactly what Dr. Professor Ronald Mallett from the University of Connecticut found out, and he has the plans for a time machine – the real deal.

In Dr. Mallett’s machine, you don’t put Alice or the rabbit in inside and push the button – you inject a subatomic particle and watch what happens. According to the Professor, if one hangs around for longer than its theoretical life, then you have just set up the conditions for a working time machine.

Now this observation is not new. Nobel Lauriat Richard Feynman observed this subatomic phenomena in the 1940’s. His comment then was, “I was too good a physicist to ask, “How can this be?” But Dr. Mallett has taken Feyinamn’s observations to the next step – building a machine specifically to make this happen and study new time warping techniques.

What I can’t figure out is why everyone isn’t as excited about this as Dr. Mallett and myself. Isn’t this technology ripe for the plucking – I mean, isn’t it about time?

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