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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Wicked Lasers Dot Com

When I was a very young man, lasers had just been invented for practical uses. One of the things I was always fascinated about was laser weapons – you know – burning holes and cutting with light. Well, the first lasers came out for the general public as pointers. And now you can have one for a dollar! But the new lasers available for the general public are – well – wimpy. That is until came around. And no, I’m not joking!

Take a look at their Spyder series laser above. Note the case it comes in. Note the name of the company. Now these guys are in it for the fun, trust me.

If you go their site, they have some unbelievable lasers for sale – to law enforcement, the military and even Homeland Security! These lasers can actually cut and burn at a distance - balloons and black tape only, please, or Homeland Security will be looking for y-o-u!

You must check the site out – they have a lot of videos for your enjoyment there as well! And check out the ranges for their Spyder series: over 120 miles! Now that’s a serious laser!