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Friday, May 19, 2006

ABYSS OF SPACE Cover Released

The final cover version of the upcoming Aaron Seven Novel, ABYSS OF SPACE was released this week. It was done by SECTION SEVEN ARTWORK studios – the producer of all my other covers by the fantastically talented Christopher Chamberland (no prejudice intended).
Here’s the latest blurb on the upcoming book:
BACK COVER: The parallel novel to Abyss of Elysium tells the story of the fate of the Earth when the planet and her inhabitants are engulfed in a planetary nuclear war. Without notice, an insane military Commander of the Reunified Soviet Empire releases every nuclear weapon in his arsenal in an all-or-nothing gamble to achieve instant domination of the planet. What he does not know is that the automated nuclear systems of the west will retaliate and doom the planet to a nuclear winter far worse than anyone’s nightmare.
Aaron Seven takes on the task of saving a handful of humans trapped beneath the radioactive clouds and blizzards caused by the nuclear war. The earth is quickly becoming inhabitable and the closest haven of safety is on Mars. Aaron Seven must now command an antique rocket, somehow rendezvous with the United States space station then steal its interplanetary spacecraft and make it to Mars before time and supplies run out.
In this second Aaron Seven adventure, time and the vast distances of interplanetary space team up to fight against Seven and his tiny cluster of survivors. Whether he makes it to Mars or not will determine the fate of human survival.
INSIDE DUST JACKET: Aaron Seven® returns in the second adventure, ABYSS OF SPACE. His task is to snatch ten people from the fires of nuclear hell and somehow transport them to Mars before the clock of life ticks down to zero for everyone stranded on Earth. For most men, this would be laughingly impossible. But not, of course, for Aaron Seven.
Coaxing an antique rocket 300 miles into low earth orbit is only the beginning. Once there, he will have to steal an interplanetary spacecraft and maneuver it to the Red Planet. But making it into orbit with ten people and stealing a spacecraft still isn’t enough. He leaves for Mars with little hope that he and his passengers will actually make it over the 200 million miles of orbital space before their oxygen, food and water run out. They cannot return to Earth – it is Mars or death. Somehow, Aaron Seven will have to carve life out of empty space or they will all certainly die in route.
The entire Aaron Seven team returns: fantastically beautiful Serea, his mentor and professor, Raylond Desmond, the Commander and a host of new characters including 14 year old child prodigy, Darwyn Fairchild who has more than a few secrets of his own and Nikki Brinker, daughter of ABYSS OF ELYSIUM’s, Marine Sergeant Brinker.
DISCLAIMER: ABYSS OF SPACE is not written for the fainthearted. If you are on high blood pressure medications, have a heart condition, afraid of nuclear holocaust or slow death, consult your physician before reading.
ABYSS OF SPACE is still in writing and should be released late 2006 or early 2007.