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Thursday, May 25, 2006

ALYETE Released!

After 38 years in the making, Alyete – Dogs of Eros Damned is finally released. Yep – I started on this book in High School. One would hope that after all that time, the writer would finally finish – and I finally did.

The book is quite unlike any of my other writing. Unfortunately, writers tend to get pigeon-holed. That’s too bad. It is actually a manufactured effect, done on purpose, to focus and funnel fan bases into the ultimate goal of many writers – income. And the more the writer is focused and pigeon-holed, the more money they make, it seems. Well, I’m not interested in making money nearly as much as I am interested in writing. You can prove me on that point. If you want a copy of ANY of my books, drop me an email and I will send you one at my cost plus shipping – really – I’m quite serious. It is way more important to me at this stage in the game to attract readers than even making a single penny. But, alas, I digress…

Unlike the sci-fi-action-adventure yarns of Aaron Seven (whom I love, by the way), Alyete is a totally different story. The Library of Congress has classed it as “historic fiction”. Other outlets have classified it as “fantasy” and a few “religious”. That’s good. I wanted it that way. I wanted a tale that was readable within broad classes and among widely diverse groups of people.

The book set in the year 1632. It is all about an orphaned boy from the Ottoman Empire that is transported to France by a band of Franciscan Monks. There he meets up with Ensignant Demian Constantine who takes him into his home to shield him from imminent abuse. But what Constantine and the boy do not know is that Alyete has an extraordinary destiny. From the spectacular Abbey of Mont St. Michel, they wander in to King Arthur’s Forest of Broceliande. Here they encounter unseen forces that have vowed to destroy them. But heaven itself is prepared to wage war to protect them.

Claudia and I even got on an airplane and spent a week in France walking where they walked and sleeping where they slept, just to be sure we had it right.

It is a sweet story and at the same time, a dangerous one. If you think you may be interested in reading it, click here to watch the video clip. Then, take me up on my offer to get it at my cost by dropping me an email! I’ll sign it for you and pop it in the mail.