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Monday, May 08, 2006

Independent Thinkers

Ralph Buttigieg
Sydney NSW
Years ago British astronomer Patrick Moore wrote a delightful book “Can you speak Venusian?: A Guide to the Independent Thinkers” . Moore listed the various independent thinkers he had come across such as hollow and flat earthers, channelers, and the people in contact with Venusians. Hopefully the Venusian speaker is still around and can make his skills available to the Venus Express team.

One of the most well known independent thinkers today is Face on Mars promoter Richard C Hoagland. He has made a career of finding faces, pyramids, cities and other artifacts on other planets. Surprisingly, when scientists examine the same data they find only rubble. It must be a conspiracy of course. NASA surely knows the truth behind this mystery and has been told to cover it up. Perhaps NASA is behind other great mysteries such as; why is Buffy gone and Charmed is still on air ?

The Martian Face gigs may have to have began to dry up after NASA provided higher resolution images, but fortunately NASA has come to Hoagland's rescue by sending more spacecrafts to the planets. He has been busily examining the first Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter images and discovered the Lost Cities of Barsoom. Below is on of his images compared to Earthly ruins. While there are squarish features in the crater is a bit of a jump to the city of Helium.

Mr Hoagland is convinced that “striking, rectilinear, geometries and obvious orthogonal alignments -- providing compelling new evidence of non-geological, artificial ruins”. However images taken from different angles can make much of any apparrant artificiality disappear. Also nature can do “rectilinear geometries”. Have a look at the picture below. Its the Giant's Causeway in Ireland. It was hewn by volcanic action not by Irish giants.

Mars is not the only planet Hoagland has turned his keen mind too. He has been studying Saturn and Cassini results. He has yet to find the Monolith but, beware! He's found the Deathstar!