Permanent Human Settlement of the Earth, Space and Ocean Frontiers

Friday, June 09, 2006

Online Space Exploration Course

Many space exploration enthusiasts are surprised to learn there is an online space exploration course available to anyone! The course titled, “SPACE EXPLORATION – ASTRONAUTICS” has been offered since 1994 by the folks at the International Institute of Space Exploration (formerly the International Space Academy). It consists of an completely online based series of “modules” that allow the participant to explore eight different space exploration applications for a very reasonable price:

Space Life Support Systems: A comprehensive overview of space life support systems. A review of Apollo and Space Shuttle era systems. Describes simple and advanced life support systems of the future.

Space Mission Planning: Learn how the pros plan real space missions from the idea stage to the return to earth. The module offers the opportunity to plan one yourself.

Spacecraft and Habitat Design: How a spacecraft and planetary habitat is designed from the plans to turning the final bolt. This module also lets you design one for yourself!

Space Colony Design: Things can really get exciting when we begin thinking about colonies on the Moon and Mars. This module lets you be the planner for your own colony using the principles of real colony design.

Spacecraft and Habitat Operations: What to do and how to do it. How do you operate that craft that is about to take you to Mars and when you get there, how do you make your habitat safe and operational?

Space Mission Supply and Logistics: How much oxygen will you need and food and water on a 1000 day mission to Mars? How will you get it there and get back? How will the colony you establish be resupplied? These questions are explored and you participate in the project to make it happen.

Planetary Exploration and Excursions: What do you do when its time to put on the spacesuit and go for a walk on the moon or Mars? This module explains how we did it on the moon and how you will plan for it and then make it happen in the future.

Emergency Planning: What do you do when the lights go out and its 35 million miles home? What happens when Murphy shows up in your habitat and sets up his headquarters? This module explains the process of emergency planning … what to do if...

If you are interested, the folks at the Institute are offering the course at their lowest price ever: $49.99. They a decade ago, the course was marketed successfully at $300, but they say they can cut all those costs now since it is now entirely internet based.

If you’d like to review all the details such as earning college credit and how it works – click here.