Permanent Human Settlement of the Earth, Space and Ocean Frontiers

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Grand Adventure from 25 Miles Up

We’re back! Thanks to Ralph Buttigieg again for stepping in and covering the blog whilst we were away. It is an awesome thing just to get back and read Ralph’s great work!

Ralph did a remarkable job at uncovering the “near-space” region that is nearly totally ignored. And I am very pumped over the scheduled September jump from the edge of space by Frenchman Michel Fournier (photo shown).

Talk about amazing! Freefalling trough 99% of the atmosphere at supersonic velocities is just an astonishing feat. In my opinion – it is one of the most amazing feats of human exploration ever and an off-the-scale grand adventure! We think of this kind of thing as impossible - but here he is.

I try and imagine what it must be like to actually step out of a floating platform in near vacuum (on purpose) and then fall 25 miles straight down – some four times higher than a commercial jet! An amazing idea – and we pray sincerely for his safety! We promise to keep you in touch with this adventure as it unfolds.