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Friday, August 04, 2006

Aussie Genius

The Aussie spirit has always impressed me. That’s precisely why I ask a son of Australia, Ralph Buttigieg to represent me when I’m away. Those guys know how to explore, they understand the spirit of exploration and they are natural frontiersmen. And just to prove their genius and their mettle, in steps an Australian Project that is so ingenious, I have to pinch myself to make sure it is real. And it is!
Not too long ago Claudia and I stood in the heart (or near the heart) of a one gigawatt nuclear power plant. Yes – giga with a “g”. One could almost feel the power zipping in the air all around you.
And while I have never been accused as a former nuclear engineer of being anti-nuke in any form or fashion, I can tell you that nuke plants do have issues. Safety (although statistically they are thousands of time safer than any petroleum power) and waste storage come to mind. But then what else is there? Petroleum is directly responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths. And so on and so forth. Then along come a troop of Aussie Engineers with an answer:
If they build it we will come. Yes we will! And so will everyone else...
Build the tallest manmade structure ever built, one kilometer in height surrounded at its base with solar collectors. The natural convection of the air will rise in the tower. A series of windmill like generators will then store the energy of the air rushing by at 35 mph and generate 200, megawatts – enough to power 200,000 homes.
(It's a SUPER video - but give it time to load. It will work after it is downloaded to your computer.)
Wow – I’m impressed! No fuel. No waste. Only energy for free, powered by the giant fusion reactor positioned safely at 93,000,000 miles in the distance. Now that’s what I call genius, entrepreneurialship and the spirit that makes Australia and he people so awesome!