Permanent Human Settlement of the Earth, Space and Ocean Frontiers

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Cosmic Irony

A week or so ago I sorely tempted the Powers-That-Be in Blogspace by making the comment that “hurricanes were at an historic low” as “the seas are cooling” during one of my periodic rants on global warming. That MUST have been particularly annoying to the great storm planners. Hence, tomorrow afternoon, Ernesto – tropical storm or hurricane – will pass DIRECTLY over the top of my house. We have lived in Florida for nearly 20 years and never had a direct hit… until now.
The lesson in all of this is: watch carefully what you rant about. While the passage of Ernesto over the top of my house has little to do with the argument, I can just feel the irrepressible hot breath of cosmic irony breathing hotly down my neck, even now.
The good news is that I have always wanted to see the eye of such a storm. Tomorrow appears to be the day for that – like from my front yard. If FEMA allows computer drops in emergency housing, I’ll let you know what it was like.