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Monday, September 04, 2006

Farewell Steve

One of the 21st Century’s great explorers has died. Steve Irwin of Australia died yesterday on the Great Barrier Reef when he was stung in the heart by a giant stingray.
Steve Irwin was anything but conventional, and for that he took more than his share of grief. But that was precisely why he was indeed great. He was dynamically creative. His style of exploration was so unconventionally imaginative that he captured our spirits and our hearts. He was so good at exploring, that all of us wanted to go with him on each and every outing.
He did this, of course, by his fearlessness. He was so fearless than many interpreted it as foolhardy. But that is the essence of the explorer – the willingness to take chances that others would never dare.
The first time I saw Steve Irwin was on a television show titled, “The Worlds Most Dangerous Snakes”. All 10 of them it seems are in Steve’s backyard – Australia. There Steve visited each of their habitats and in the final sequence, in the wild, Steve kissed the world’s most dangerous snake on its slimy head. Foolhardy? Perhaps. Interesting? Compelling? Forever memorable? Absolutely.
Steve, we will miss you greatly.