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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Card Carrying Spelunkers

I am going to guess that for most true adventurers at heart, the thought of a good caving expedition sometimes crops up in the imagination. Not that long ago, such an aspiration would have been somewhat difficult to satisfy, since the information used to be relatively hard to come by. Not so today, now that we have the internet to help guide our way. I just wanted to take this opportunity to point those of my USA readers who have been hankering for a good day “down under” to make the right connections.

Click here to take a really fabulous tour of the possibilities with the National Speleological Society’s website. It is just chock full of essential information for the seasoned caver to the newbie. It has lots of stuff on cave safety, caver education in general and, of course, a listing of caves near you. And if you really like the site, you can actually pay your dues join 12,000 other Americans who are card carrying pro-cavers too!

Just think, you never have to worry about rain or time of day when you go caving.

Have fun and be safe!