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Friday, December 29, 2006

Muddy Mars?

Ralph Buttigieg
Sydney NSW

Have a good look at the picture above. Its a recent picture of the Spirit Rover tracks on Mars. They sure looks like mud tracks to me! The tracks are darker then the surface material. They are smooth and well formed. Their muddy origin would be immediate to anyone who has been to a beach or river bank. The white stuff could be salt left over from the evaporated brine. If you examine the raw pictures you will see that the white substance mostly disappears in latter images which would make sense if it was reabsorbed by the damp mud.

Now I realise there may other explanations and some people won't be satisfied until they put their finger in it. Also NASA has to be cautious in announcing a major discovery. But they now agree there is evidence of current liquid water Mars, at least for short periods. So I don't see why the obvious explanation can't be the most likely.

The raw NASA images can be found here.

Thanks to Xuxalina Rihhia-1 and Jim Sorenson at the Xenotech Research forum for the head up.