Permanent Human Settlement of the Earth, Space and Ocean Frontiers

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Astonishing Vision

Happy New Year! And special thanks to Ralph for blogging while I was away from the Quantum Editions Desk!

I have seen hundreds of artist concepts of futuristic space colonies, but the one posted here was accomplished by German Artist Alexander Preuss. This work makes all the previous art on space colonies instantly obsolete. It is so astonishingly detailed it looks like a photograph. It is just an amazing piece of architectural vision! It is this kind of work that leads to reality. If you want to know what future space settlements will look like in the new empires to come – Mr. Preuss give us all that glimpse into tomorrow.

Looking ahead to 2007 I hope to finish three book projects before mid-year: Undersea Colonies, Pulling the Plug and Abyss of Space. I would also like to feature a Quantum Limit Podcast every month with a scientist, explorer or adventurer. And I would like to organize a quarterly online web chat with Quantum Limit regulars, if there is enough interest among readers.

Meanwhile – have a great and prosperous New Year and blessings to everyone all around!