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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Update: Australia to New Zealand by Kayak.

Taking the Kayak for a spin around Sydney Harbour
Ralph Buttigieg
Sydney NSW

The Crossing the Ditch team had the official start of their expedition today and I was able to attend. James Castrission and Justin Jones and are attempting the first crossing of the Tasman by kayak. They were hoping to depart for New Zealand today but preparing the boat took longer then expected so actual voyage will occur latter this month. This will give them adequate time to test the vessel. They will need to cover over 2500 kms and expect to take about six weeks to complete the trip. It will be an enormous challenge but I'm impressed by the level of preparation and planning.

Andrew McAuley began his first Trans-Tasman attempt before Christmas but he had to turn around as he couldn't cope with the cold nights . Now he thinks he has solved the problem and is waiting for the weather to clear before his second attempt.

Here are a few more pictures from todays festivities.

The kayak has a cabin allowing the adventurers to rest in rotation The kayak will be using solar power to operate equipment including the water maker

James and Justin at the launch They will each consume the calorie equivalent of 18 burgers daily. The team at the naming and blessing ceremony. The boat has been named Lot 41