Permanent Human Settlement of the Earth, Space and Ocean Frontiers

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Martian Ice Prophesy - Abyss of Elysium

In February 2005, European Spacecraft Mars Express reported discovering a “sea of ice” lying beneath the desert sands of the Martian Elysium Desert. But more than a year earlier, I had already announced that discovery!

It was fictional, of course, not having my own orbiting spacecraft around the Red Planet. In my book, Mars Wars – Abyss of Elysium, I ended the tale with the discovery of this vast, frozen underground water supply lying beneath the deserts of Elysium. This discovery was what saved the day in the end. And that’s not to mention Aaron Seven flying in just at the last second with a nuclear reactor in tow... but THAT is the parallel story that is still in writing called ABYSS OF SPACE – stay tuned, dear readers…

Such fictional-turned-fact discoveries are not unheard of in fiction. But pinpointing in fiction the exact find of a resource in the exact place it is discovered – well, that is more rare. Indeed, water on Mars is more important and more valuable than had they discovered gold. Why? Because water on Mars means life. And life means human colonies. Now there is likely to be a human colony on Mars, placed at just about the same place as was BC1! That's not bad storytelling - even if I do say so myself!

Lucky guess? You tell me!

Shown above is the orbital photo of the Elysium Desert and underlaid water ice fields.

Here’s the link to the book and its video trailer.