Permanent Human Settlement of the Earth, Space and Ocean Frontiers

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Polaris B Is A Winner!

The Atlantica Expeditions located the probable site for the placement of the Leviathan Habitat and the 80 day world record mission to begin in 2009. On a survey mission Saturday, the team discovered the location on a bathymetric survey of possible underwater habitat placement locations.

The site appears to be absolutely ideal for many key siting reasons and I see no reason why this will not be the ultimate place the Leviathan is located. We do have to make underwater surveys, of course, before we commit Polaris B as a final decision. But all indications point to a successful solution to where Leviathan will be situated. Polaris B was the name given to the survey site among four possible candidates sites.

It was an incredibly exciting day. We had mapped out these locations using satellite imagery, then Google earth to pinpoint the latitude and longitude boundaries and GPS to guide us right in. It was textbook 21st century technology at work. Then, when we actually arrived, we saw a dolphin playing in the basin and it was the perfect omen for an awesome day and the perfect spot!

The bottom soundings looked very interesting. In the next few months before we commit the site for development, we are going to have some fascinating exploring to do and in actually pinning down the final footprint for Leviathan. I must say, we all breathed a big sigh of relief as we saw this beautiful, near perfect location for the Atlantica I mission.