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Thursday, April 26, 2007

1000 Day Voyage - Exclusive Podcast Part II

Friday, April 20, 2007

1000 Day Voyage - Exclusive Podcast Part I

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lloyd Completes Mission!

Ralph Buttigieg
Sydney, NSW

Lloyd Godson has today completed his underwater mission and safely returned to the surface. He becomes the first person to live in a underwater habitat with a bioregenerative life support system. Congratulations Lloyd on achieving your dream!

From the news report:

By Rob Taylor

April 18, 2007 01:55pm

Article from: Reuters

BREATHING air provided by algae watered with recycled urine, and pedalling a bike for electricity, an Australian aquanaut emerged today after 13 days living underwater in a "biosub".

Lloyd Godson entered the 2m by 3m yellow biosub capsule, submerged in a former quarry on wetlands near the southeastern town of Albury, on April 5.

His survival at a depth of 5m hinged on a coil of green algae which provided air in return for Mr Godson urinating on the plants each day.

"I will be glad to get out in the sunshine and fresh air again. I have even had thoughts of running like Forrest Gump, and just not stopping!" Mr Godson said before surfacing.

Godson, 29, a marine biologist, got funding for the project after winning a "Wildest Adventure" competition run by nature journal Australian Geographic.

Mr Godson's partner and support crew member Carolina Sarasiti said he was not trying to break any underwater records.

"It's more of an experiment to use a few scientific concepts. He wanted to live his dream, which was to live underwater," she said.

A team of divers provided meals to the capsule through a manhole in its base, while some electricity came from the bike and some through a bank of onshore solar cells.

A single daily blast of fresh air was also provided from above, after trial and error with levels provided by the algae "biocoil", Ms Sarasiti said.

"It's never been done before using air from the plants," she said.

The experiment had been designed to prove whether an underwater environment could be self-sustaining...................

You can read the rest here and follow more will be posted on his website.

Monday, April 16, 2007

New Video From Mars

It is a remarkable time in human history. I can sit at this terminal on which I am typing these words and watch video from the surface of Mars. Two such videos from opposite sider of mars have recently been beamed down from the red planet to my desktop (and yours).

The first video is one of the most remarkable images of a tightly spinning Martian dust devil taken from the rover Spirit. Click here to view.

The second is a video of clouds drifting overhead taken form the rover Opportunity. Click here to view.

So now we can sit back and explore another planet as we watch watch video from the surface of Mars. Amazing!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Lloyd Godson's First

Shown here is Aquanaut Lloyd Godson in his habitat underwater in Australia. As of this post, Lloyd is in his eighth day underwater on target to complete his remarkable 14 day mission.

Lloyd’s mission is the first to use a bioregenerative component in his life support system, the algae system shown to his right. The coil shown is the light coil that spins the algae broth around a light. It is then returned to a mixing tank where Lloyd’s carbon dioxide is mixed and absorbed by the algae as the algae photosynthetically evolves oxygen into Lloyd’s air. It is the first time on a habitat mission that such a component has been plugged in and used.

Many aspects of Lloyd’s life support system are also planned for inclusion in the Atlantica I mission in 2009, including perhaps the algae system. Much depends on Lloyd’s data stream, which, we hope he shares.

Lloyd seems surprised at the level of attention he has been receiving. It has demanded a good slice of his time in the habitat and he is connected with either schools or reporters for most of his heavily scheduled day.

Only five days, 22.5 hours remain in his fascinating mission!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

1000 Day Voyage Ready To Sail

On Saturday, April 21st at 3PM, a historic expedition will begin. At that moment, a crew of two explorers will set sail out of New York harbor on one of the most amazing expeditions ever.

Reid Stows and companion Sonaya Ahmad will shove off for the history books, breaking the record for the longest nonstop voyage ever. Their plan is to spend 1000 days not only at sea, but out of sight of any land and never put into shore or any port for any reason. Here is their press release:

“Captain Reid Stowe and Soanya Ahmad are preparing to depart on his 70 ft schooner to set sail for 1,000 days out of sight of land and leave dry land longer than anyone ever has. He will not refuel, he will not re-supply, and he will not pull into any harbor.”

There is a more than obvious analog here, of course. A Mars voyage will require about the same number of days out of sight of the shores of earth. That connection has never been lost on Stowe, who has designed his expedition for the purpose of understanding many aspects of space crew psychology. At the moment a Marsship departs the earth's orbit, it has no chance of returning home for 1000 days, even if they desired to do so. Such will be the case of the remarkable voyage of the Anne, skippered by a determined Reid Stowe, ready to mark off the longest sea voyage in human history.

Reid and I have been friends for 16 years, and as long as I have known him, he has been planning for this voyage in his home built and quite amazing schooner, the Anne. A day or so before Reid’s extraordinary voyage is set to begin, I will post a two part one hour long Podcast with Reid here on You won’t want to miss that!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Antipodean Updates

Ralph Buttigieg

Sydney NSW


Aquanaut Godson

Lloyd Godson has spent over 48 hours in his underwater habitat and so far so good. From the website:

It has been 48 hours since Lloyd moved down to his new temporary home and he is having a great time. We have had lots of visitors during the day, especially little ones, bombarding Lloyd with questions and getting a tour of the habitat! A very big thanks to all of you that have sent encouraging e-mails to Lloyd, he really appreciates them and will try and reply to all of them. I know you all have been waiting for some internal shots of the habitat and I am sorry we haven't updated the website up until now, but it's been really busy here organising everything. The big news are that Lloyd, after spending more than 24 hours underwater, is officially an Aquanaut

Mission to Planet Hoth

The Icebird program is undergoing further development in preperation for their Antarctic crossing. Pat Speirs is currently in Hardangervidda plateau in Norway completing a 4 week solo expedition to test new equipment. The region is known to Star Wars fans as being the site for planet Hoth in “Empire Strike Back”. The kitesleders report:

This is a testing expedition for the latest variants of Kitesled and kites, some new techniques and gear we have been developing as well as for Pat himself. While the area to be explored is well known to Polar explorers in training and adventurous Norweigans it is still cold, windy and remote enough to give a further taste of the challenge that an Antarctic traverse will ultimately involve.

Pat aims to spend 4 weeks alone on the plateau taking advantage of the (apparently) reliable westerly winds to cover as much of the 4000 square kilometres of the Hardangervidda as possible. He will be doing his utmost to push the (as yet unknown) boundaries of the kitesleds’ performance and durability on this trip. (The sleds have so far proved impossible to damage!) .....

Read the rest.

Thursday, April 05, 2007


Lloyd is doing great! I just received this email from him (slightly edited for a bit of privacy).

“Thanks for everything mate! I am underwater and having a good time so far.... I couldn’t believe the interest! Anyway Dennis, I will keep in touch over the course of my stay down here. I have my lights and pumps all going on the algae and the bike is working a treat too to pump the algae and charge the laptop.”

We wish you the best, Lloyd!

What an awesome accomplishment so far! Lloyd has achieved his life support system stasis – which means he is balanced and his projections are apparently good enough to make a 14 day stay a success.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Loyd's Underwater Adventure Begins

Lloyd Godson began his two week underwater habitation experiment just hours ago in Australia. Here is an AP story that sums it up.

Lloyd - if you're reading this down under-down under - we wish you well and stay safe!

Quantum Limit will cover this story as we are able and perhaps arrange an interview with Lloyd during his next very busy 14 days.

Marine biologist submerged for two weeks By Crystal Ja April 04, 2007 03:50pm Article from: AAP

A MARINE biologist will spend the next two weeks in an airtight box at the bottom of a lake in an experiment to measure the physical effects of being underwater. Lloyd Godson, 29, today began his unusual holiday in a steel box at the bottom of the lake near Albury, his home town on the NSW-Victoria border. Measuring just nine cubic metres, the box is where Mr Godson will eat, sleep and surf the net for the next fortnight, while being tested for the psychological and physical pressures of being underwater.

He will have to generating his own oxygen and electricity and grow some of his own food.

Funded by the Australian Geographical Society, the project is a lesson in self-sufficiency and sustainability and a long-held, if slightly unusual, dream for the scientist.

"It's something I've always been fascinated with ... in university I got more and more interested in sub-sea habitats and submersibles," Mr Godson said before jumping into his underwater lair, named the BioSUB.

"Compared to out here, it'll be a refuge from the last couple of days; I want to just get in there and get on my little camping bed and take it easy for a while." But there'll be plenty to do over the next two weeks, including regular virtual classes with schoolkids around the country, daily psychological tests and basic housekeeping.

The BioSUB is powered by a range of energy systems, including an electricity-generating bicycle, solar panels, and a unique contraption that creates oxygen from water using algae, called the Biocoil.

Mr Godson, who brought down drums and photos as his luxury items, said his main concerns were air quality and maintaining the Biocoil, which had yet to be thoroughly tested.

"The thing that differentiates this project from a lot of other underwater habitat programs is that it's not a billion or a million dollar program and it's not using conventional methods," he said.

A team of divers and volunteers on land will monitor his movements and sound.