Permanent Human Settlement of the Earth, Space and Ocean Frontiers

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Antipodean Updates

Ralph Buttigieg

Sydney NSW


Aquanaut Godson

Lloyd Godson has spent over 48 hours in his underwater habitat and so far so good. From the website:

It has been 48 hours since Lloyd moved down to his new temporary home and he is having a great time. We have had lots of visitors during the day, especially little ones, bombarding Lloyd with questions and getting a tour of the habitat! A very big thanks to all of you that have sent encouraging e-mails to Lloyd, he really appreciates them and will try and reply to all of them. I know you all have been waiting for some internal shots of the habitat and I am sorry we haven't updated the website up until now, but it's been really busy here organising everything. The big news are that Lloyd, after spending more than 24 hours underwater, is officially an Aquanaut

Mission to Planet Hoth

The Icebird program is undergoing further development in preperation for their Antarctic crossing. Pat Speirs is currently in Hardangervidda plateau in Norway completing a 4 week solo expedition to test new equipment. The region is known to Star Wars fans as being the site for planet Hoth in “Empire Strike Back”. The kitesleders report:

This is a testing expedition for the latest variants of Kitesled and kites, some new techniques and gear we have been developing as well as for Pat himself. While the area to be explored is well known to Polar explorers in training and adventurous Norweigans it is still cold, windy and remote enough to give a further taste of the challenge that an Antarctic traverse will ultimately involve.

Pat aims to spend 4 weeks alone on the plateau taking advantage of the (apparently) reliable westerly winds to cover as much of the 4000 square kilometres of the Hardangervidda as possible. He will be doing his utmost to push the (as yet unknown) boundaries of the kitesleds’ performance and durability on this trip. (The sleds have so far proved impossible to damage!) .....

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