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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

1000 Day Voyage Ready To Sail

On Saturday, April 21st at 3PM, a historic expedition will begin. At that moment, a crew of two explorers will set sail out of New York harbor on one of the most amazing expeditions ever.

Reid Stows and companion Sonaya Ahmad will shove off for the history books, breaking the record for the longest nonstop voyage ever. Their plan is to spend 1000 days not only at sea, but out of sight of any land and never put into shore or any port for any reason. Here is their press release:

“Captain Reid Stowe and Soanya Ahmad are preparing to depart on his 70 ft schooner to set sail for 1,000 days out of sight of land and leave dry land longer than anyone ever has. He will not refuel, he will not re-supply, and he will not pull into any harbor.”

There is a more than obvious analog here, of course. A Mars voyage will require about the same number of days out of sight of the shores of earth. That connection has never been lost on Stowe, who has designed his expedition for the purpose of understanding many aspects of space crew psychology. At the moment a Marsship departs the earth's orbit, it has no chance of returning home for 1000 days, even if they desired to do so. Such will be the case of the remarkable voyage of the Anne, skippered by a determined Reid Stowe, ready to mark off the longest sea voyage in human history.

Reid and I have been friends for 16 years, and as long as I have known him, he has been planning for this voyage in his home built and quite amazing schooner, the Anne. A day or so before Reid’s extraordinary voyage is set to begin, I will post a two part one hour long Podcast with Reid here on You won’t want to miss that!