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Sunday, May 20, 2007

History of the Dan Scott Taylor II Submarine


Ralph Buttigieg

Sydney, NSW


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Dan Scott Taylor II


The Dan Scott Taylor II submarine has a fascinating history. It even includes mysterious sea monsters! Dennis is preparing a full report on the sub but here is an extract :

In 1969, Dan Scot Taylor traveled to Loch Ness with his own one man submarine, the Viperfish, to look for the legendary creature of the Loch. He had designed and built the Viperfish on his own initiative and using his own funds. He launched the Viperfish into the loch and gave chase to a shadowy creature at an underwater speed of 14 knots only to be outrun by whatever it was. Dan decided what he needed was speed and a depth potential equal to the Loch. So he returned to the states and began work on a larger submarine, the vessel we now call DST II. He worked on the submarine as its designer and only engineer for decades. Tragically, Dan passed away after heart surgery on Saturday, July 23, 2005 and never saw his creation in the water. When Dan passed away, it about 75% complete.

In his will, Dan left his submarine to a young enthusiastic woman whom he had mentored for many years, Vicki Mudd. Vicki took the submarine and stored it before deciding she would like a research concern to use it for marine research, a passion of hers. She was also sure that Dan would heartily approve. We connected with Vicki and after reviewing our goals, she not only contributed the submarine to the non-profit research company that supports our expeditions but we managed to sign her and her husband, Kevin up as members!

We decided to name it the Dan Scott Taylor II because we did not want his connection to the submarine to be lost. While our mission is different than his, it is still an affirmation of both our dreams – to discover what lies beneath and go to where few have dared to go before. The Expeditions received the contribution on Sunday, May 6th, 2007.

Dennis Chamberland