Permanent Human Settlement of the Earth, Space and Ocean Frontiers

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Undersea Colonies - Rejected Ideas

The book, Undersea Colonies is in the final proof stage and the real copies should start rolling off the publisher’s presses next week, I hope.

However, until that time I wanted to share with you some of the ideas we rejected from the book about permanent undersea colonization and the development of “off the shelf” technologies” to make it happen.

The first rejected idea is this one that could have played a part in the “Undersea Communications” chapter. It just seemed a little too connected to the surface interface to meet our standards. I do hope the guy actually made his call before the water rose any higher.

This is yet another rejected proposal that would have fit nicely in the “Commuting” chapter. However, we were not convinced that the mode of transport in question had any reliable miles left for its undersea responsibilities. This idea was rejected in the chapter on “Commuting” as well. While it is definitely a clear illustration of an undersea landing strip, again, we were concerned about the reliability of the transport mode after the “one shot” philosophy of use.

Finally, we rejected this poor man’s proposal of permanent undersea living, even though he was clearly demonstrating how to live undersea without the benefit of a habitat. If he actually made it 24 hours in this rig, we were concerned that he was in danger of permanent trench-foot, and this we could not tolerate in the colonies.

While none of these examples made it into the book, we hope you'll pick up a copy to read about all those ideas that did make it!