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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Space Beer

Ralph Buttigieg

Sydney, NSW


Graphic Microgravity Enterprises (told you theres' water on Mars!)

For a long time space proponents have talked about space-based products. We were supposed to get pharmaceuticals, advanced alloys and even ball bearings manufactured in the microgravity of space. Well, I haven't seen any space pharmaceuticals but we now have space beveridges including space beer.

The entrepreneurs at Microgravity Enterprises have teamed up with the rocketeers at UP Aerospace to bring the Earth a space-based energy drink, sports water and a beer. UP Aerospace has a sub orbital rocket service that Microgravity Enterprises uses to take some of their ingredients into space. After experiencing several minutes of microgravity the payload is parachuted back to Earth and used in the manufacture of Antimatter Space Energy Drink, Space2O Water and Comet's Tail Amber Ale.

I'm not sure what improvement microgavity has on the drinks but seems to have improved their sales.

New Mexico Business Weekly - August 10, 2007 by Kevin Robinson-Avila NMBW Staff

The world's first space beer made its inaugural flight at Kelly's Brewery in Albuquerque. Microgravity Enterprises Inc., which partnered with Kelly's to make Comet's Tail Amber Ale from yeast that went to space, held a "Launch Fest" on August 4th at the brewery.

In addition to space beer, the company sold Space2O™bottled water and an energy drink called Antimatter, both of which contain ingredients that flew to suborbit on the UP Aerospace rocket that launched from the New Mexico Space Port in April. The water and energy drink have been sold on the Internet since July 4, but the Launch Fest was the first opportunity for customers to sample Microgravity's space beer. The ale proved extremely popular, even at $3.75 a pint. "We went through three kegs in about four hours," said Zach Guilmette, head brewer at Kelly's. "I've never seen a new beer sell so quickly." Most customers said the novelty of drinking space beer was simply irresistible. "It's the curiosity hook," said Joel White, as he downed a pint. "The fact that it went to space sort of guarantees that you have to at least try it."

Some patrons refused to believe the yeast actually went to suborbit. "I just don't believe it," said Steve Atkinson. "It's a hoax. I mean, how did they get yeast into space?" Even so, Atkinson drank the brew. "It's something new, and it's good beer. I'd drink it again," he said.

Microgravity is banking on that "curiosity hook" to sell its products. "We're entering a saturated market where companies with deep pockets dominate," said Darryl Hupfer, executive vice president for sales and marketing. "You have to do something to build a niche and draw attention to your product. We're hoping the novelty of having sent ingredients for the drinks to space will get people to step up and try it."

The company has already received some large orders for Space2O™ and Antimatter. A Kentucky-based liquor chain with six stores in Lexington and Louisville bought a 144-case pallet of Antimatter and two 70-case pallets of Space2O™, Hupfer said. At $36 and $24 a case, respectively, the Kentucky sale brought in $8,544. .....

This gets me thinking.... Perhaps Atlantica Expedition aquanauts might take a home brew kit down with them. Shark Beer, the beer brewed on the bottom of the sea!