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Friday, February 22, 2008

Mars Ocean Oddessy: Soanya leaves

Ralph Buttigieg
NSW Australia
As a sufferer from sea sickness myself (I usually stick to shore dives and avoid boats. Theres lots of great shore dive sites around Sydney) I understand how she feels.
Australian Associated Press Story Thursday, 21 February 2008 Seasickness ends marathon ocean voyage February 22, 2008 Nearly a year into a three-year voyage around the globe, seasickness has finally got the better of American sailor Soanya Ahmad. The 25-year-old rookie sailor was being rescued off Perth after becoming too ill to continue her bid to circumnavigate the globe four times without stopping. Ms. Ahmad set off on the 1,000-day voyage with 56-year-old American adventurer Reid Stowe on April 21 last year aboard his 21-metre gaff-rigged schooner, the Anne... Mr. Stowe will now sail on alone "since this is my life at sea". But Ms Ahmad was to leave the boat on Friday, after 306 days at sea, because she has suffered recurrent and debilitating seasickness since entering the stormy Southern Ocean in November. "At times the nausea was enough to lay me flat and incapable of doing anything," she wrote on their website. "While I've adjusted to the environment a little more this past month, I am still prone to feeling horrible on and off. "I feel two more years of this would not be good for me and so I have decided to leave the boat."....
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