Permanent Human Settlement of the Earth, Space and Ocean Frontiers

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Atlantica Expedition's New Position Announced

The Atlantica Expeditions is quite proud to announce the formation of a new Director’s Position – one that was very critically needed. The title of the new Expeditions position is: Director of Entrepreneurial Projects. Filling that position is Bill Kasper of Austin, Texas – quite a remarkable individual. Bill's job is to help develop synergies between the unique scientific opportunities of the Atlantica Expeditions and private enterprise in mutually beneficial entrepreneurial partnerships – and I might add that he already doing an amazing, incredible job!

So instead of telling his story for him, I sallied forth and we sat down across the ethereal virtual table together and held an interview so you could get to know him as I have. Here it is:

Atlantica Expeditions (AE): Bill, can you describe your profession to us in terms that us poor rocket scientists can understand? What is it exactly that you do?

Bill Kasper (BK): I optimize business processes to minimize expense and maximize profit (achieve "zero waste" in the LNW lexicon), evaluate capital activity to identify trends and patterns and develop risk profiles and recommendations for particular investments (particularly in the energy and technology sectors), and define and design software to support those business process enhancements and capital recommendations. It's less boring than it sounds. No, wait. It's exactly as boring as it sounds!

AE: Ok then. Whew! And what would your official title be, given all that?

BK: Technical Architect and Investment Risk Analyst (I occasionally fulfill several other roles such as Project Manager and Business Development Manager as required by circumstances, and depending how impatient I get with the people around me). I'm also a certified technical writer, one-time martial arts instructor, and a world-class sci-fi geek.

AE: Very cool, dude. Together we’ve already explored the core depths of several sci-fi epics but we’ll save our readers that particular agony! But given the certain inherent level of constant solid state insanity associated with the outrageous audacity of creating of humanity’s first undersea empire, as a certified “risk analyst”, what in heaven’s name actually drew you to participate in the expeditions?

BK: I had founded a non-profit corp. called the Alpha Long Range Foundation whose focus was to enhance the human condition at both the individual and species level by encouraging positive human activity and technology and discouraging the negative through financial support of worthwhile activities (micro-loans to stimulate individual capitalism, investment in start-up technology companies, etc.). I had a life-long fascination with colonization of the seas and space, and have always known that mankind's destiny is profitable stewardship of everywhere he can reach. After finding your "Undersea Colonies" through Google, and before getting even 10 pages into it, I joined the LNW. I knew that this was an organization that was already at least 20 years ahead of where I was, with a more precise goal and more momentum than my individual effort. So I have put my own philanthropic endeavors on hold in favor of supporting the lower-risk, higher success probability Atlantica Expeditions. It was a simple case of being lazy, and betting on the obvious winner...

AE: We should also let our fellow crew member know that your commitment is absolute. Even being a non-certified-diver (at this early point), you still filled out the ap and signed up for a position in Atlantica! So here you stand, truly on the verge of settling down to a permanent home in history’s first undersea colony. Any other ideas about that you would like to share with us?

BK: The Atlantica Expeditions represent one of those endeavors which simultaneously seems stupendous in scope and obvious in execution. It elicits my "Wow, that's amazing! You mean we haven't done that yet?" response. With the convergence of many seemingly unrelated factors (sharp increases in the consumer price of energy, food, and commodities, financial and population infrastructural strain across the planet, and technological advancement in materials and techniques), it seems that the time for marine colonization is finally upon us. And when I say "us", I mean Atlantica Expeditions leading the way for the rest of humanity. I have never, ever had any faith in any government organizations to achieve anything (with the possible exceptions of bankruptcy and genocide). The private, individual, commercial conquest of new frontiers always results in increased freedom, wealth, and opportunity, raising the bar for all of humanity. And with the integral philosophical component of "zero waste" and organic sense of care and stewardship of the environment, the Atlantica Expeditions represent the very best combination of human potential: Rational, sustainable, unlimited prosperity proceeding from a culture of cooperative, individual freedom. And we get to participate in this grand step forward for ourselves, our neighbors, our progeny and our planet. What a blessing!

AE: Wow! Where do I sign up for this deal? Bill – I just have to share with everyone that in the past two short weeks you have been a member, you have actually put in at least twice as many hours as I have during the same period. You have put in some long, hard hours, been awake when I’m turning in and awake when I get up answering my emails and text mails instantly. Claudia and I have been at this for many decades now and you are not only amazing but just plain astonishingly encouraging to us. What’s up with all this devotion?

BK: I've been fortunate in coming into the project so late in the game that all the hard work has already been done. You and Claudia and many others have put in countless hours and built upon hundreds of man-years, and I get to join the race 10 yards from the finish line as part of Team Atlantica and get showered with winner's champagne as though I had competing for the whole race. I would say that your gracious professionalism and genuine appreciation when inviting me into a position within the Atlantica Expeditions was an opportunity I would have been foolish to turn down. It is an opportunity to join the most significant human effort currently being undertaken, and I mean that literally, at the point when its success is guaranteed.

I think every crew member and would-be supporter must ask himself the following questions every day: "How can I help, and who can I tell?" If we all ask these questions, and act on the answers that come to us (no matter how seemingly inconsequential or impossibly gigantic in scope they may seem), Atlantica will proceed directly to the colony phase on or even ahead of schedule. We will move mankind from the cradle of the land to the nursery of the seas, and on to the endless frontiers of space one inevitable, personal step at a time. How can any rational human being decline to be part of that?