Permanent Human Settlement of the Earth, Space and Ocean Frontiers

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

New Aaron Seven Adventures by Dennis Chamberland

I am about to complete Aaron Seven’s latest adventure – ABYSS OF SPACE. It should be available on the Quantum Editions website and other internet book and eBook outlets by January 2009.
"The parallel novel to Abyss of Elysium – Mars Wars. Here Aaron Seven daringly escapes earth with his family and friends. He rides into space through the raging fires of nuclear annihilation onboard an antique missile. And that is just the beginning. Now he has to steal an interplanetary spacecraft from earth orbit and venture a hundred million miles to Mars before his air and water run dry.”

Meanwhile, Aaron Seven is just getting ready for his next adventure, titled NIGHTFALL. Here is the plot that once again combines an Ocean and Space adventure complete with incredible engineering projects:

“The sun was about to fade behind a cloud. But the cloud was hundreds of billions of miles in diameter. It was a remnant of a long forgotten supernova twisted by countless encounters with stars and set adrift in the interstellar void. But when it encountered the solar system, it would block nearly all sunlight from the earth and the ensuing nightfall would endure for centuries. The planet was destined to be plunged into a nearly eternal night. Its oceans would freeze, its atmosphere would condense in a rain of liquid oxygen and nitrogen and flood the world below. No life could possibly exist on her surface and every organism on earth and in the oceans would inevitably die, frozen in the nightfall without end. Everyone was without hope – until Aaron Seven in his extraordinary genius conceived a brilliant idea. His plan could save a remnant of humanity that would carry on the human race – when and if the sunshine ever returned.”

Available from Dennis Chamberland and Quantum Editions in late 2009.