Permanent Human Settlement of the Earth, Space and Ocean Frontiers

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Google Earth Opens Aquatica!

Google earth is one of the most remarkable web applications ever. But it has become even more remarkable – if that is even possible! The Google folks have just released Google Earth 5.0 – which includes undersea 3D bathymetry which allows users to submerge beneath the sea and zoom along the ocean floor.

Google earth has already been a fantastic tool to the Atlantica Expeditions. Using Google Earth as our primary desktop exploration tool, we were able to quickly find candidates for the upcoming 90 day undersea mission. But by using the tool; we saved countless hours of frustrating, expensive and time consuming surface mounted searching in boats. By the time we had selected three potential sites from our desktop, it required only three boat trips to directly sound out and verify the final candidate site for the Atlantica I Expeditions! All because of Google Earth!

Today I have already used the tool to begin exploration offshore central Florida and look around the possible Atlantica II sites that we will explore by boat and submarine. Already, after just a single day using Google Earth 5.0, I have generated more information about the potential sites than in many previous months of research. It is truly a remarkable new tool available for free for any desktop environment!

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