Permanent Human Settlement of the Earth, Space and Ocean Frontiers

Friday, August 03, 2012

Concepts of a New Space in Aquatica

As a land dwellers we have been accustomed to wide-open skies and open spaces to which we had very little restriction of access. But undersea dwellers will be living in very small enclosed spaces and the only access they will have to outside is when they are dressed in their aquatic year and breathing their life support gases from specially designed equipment. Therefore the new citizens of Aquatica will become accustomed to a different kind of place. Their immediate world will be much smaller and much more restricted even though they live in the largest contiguous region of the world, which is the great single undersea global ocean. They will also be living in a three-dimensional world where the land dwellers are accustomed to living in a two-dimensional world restricted by gravity with their feet and wheels stuck permanently to the ground. Dwellers of Aquatica will become accustomed to this different concept of space gradually over time. And yet by ingenious engineering design we will be able to open up the aquatic dwellers new and majestic view of their vast and beautiful domain. Thus in the end, as three-dimensional dwellers of this new region of the earth opened for permanent human habitation, they will come to know their own unique and powerful view of a whole new world that the land dwellers will never know.

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